• Nostalgic photography with contemporary design

    Relive the golden era of polaroids with fun, user-friendly cameras
  • Shipping all around Australia

    Rent polaroid-style cameras for your wedding, party or corporate event anywhere in the country!
  • Instant fun with instant cameras!

    Capture those moments with a physical photograph that develops in front of your eyes

Welcome to Instant Camera Hire! Looking to rent polaroid cameras for your wedding, corporate show or party? We are a Perth-based business hiring out instant cameras all around Australia.

Our cameras are high quality Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and 8+ models, available in white and a limited quantity of pink. These cameras employ instant film-developing technology that was made incredibly popular by the Polaroid brand in the 1980’s. A warm, nostalgic technology, instant film is making a huge comeback in today’s world where nearly everyone has a smartphone camera, but where so many photos get taken that we sometimes lose the real feeling of capturing a moment.

Your guests will love the quirky, fun experience of shakin’ a polaroid picture! Contact us today for a quote.